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Life Organization

Our Method

A Creative Life Solution offers a number of home and business organization services that can be tailored to fit your every need. Whether it's basic cleaning or a complete reorganization, our process begins with an assessment of your needs, preferences, and goals for organization. We create personalized recommendations along with a step-by-step plan that compliments your needs and fits your personal style. This process will include an assessment of your home or business as well as a sit-down session for clients to understand the process. 

Once we work together to make a plan, we can begin working together. While clients differ in their level of involvement, we provide hands-on services to turn messy, cluttered, or disorganized places into functional areas that brings ease to your life. By combining a number of popular organization techniques, we transform your space into rooms that encourage productivity and happiness. 

Our techniques allow us to categorize and organize your personal possessions. We help define spaces in your home or business, ensuring every categorized item has a specific place or “home”. We strive to create a system that ultimately reduces stress, decreases expenses, and ensures you don’t buy the same items again and again. We work alongside our clients to determine the importance of each item, reducing clutter while protecting items that matter most. 

Following our organization session(s), we finish our services with a meeting to discuss the process and plan for the future. We sit down with the client to discuss their feelings before and after. Major changes often invoke feelings, this session allows clients to process the transformation and adjust to the changes. We also provide hand-tailored resources to help our clients stick to their plan and maintain organization in the future. 

Home and Small Business Organization

Whether you’re looking to tidy a messy garage or tackle the entire house, we can help organize any room in your home. This includes: offices, common areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, kitchen/pantry, living room/dining room, children’s rooms, playroom, media room, garage, attic, and more.  


We also offer a variety of options to help you evaluate your personal belongings. This includes:

  • Consolidation of files and documents

  • Calendar, phone, computer organization.

  • Estate sale and garage sale prep

  • Online sales (account set-up, picture taking, posting, etc.)

  • Filing services

  • Shredding services

  • Old media evaluation (floppy disks, VHS, camcorder tapes, etc.)

  • Computer organization for photos, documents, etc. 

Our Past Clients