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Personal Development and Growth

Often in life, we find ourselves struggling with motivation, clarity, and self-management. The daily stresses of life can build up, preventing you from moving forward to accomplish your goals. There are endless demands in life that prevent us from seeing our own potential, blinding us to the endless opportunities available in the world. Change is difficult to initiate without support, that's where A Creative Life Solution steps into help!

Our staff has the education, skills, and personality to help support and guide you through personal change. We create a place of acceptance and non-judgement that helps clients work past defensive walls, allowing them to better see everything they have to offer. By helping you visualize your personal style of success, we then develop a realistic plan with achievable milestones that instill a sense of accomplishment along the way. Our plan ultimately helps you develop positive habits you need to leap every hurdle in life. Here is an idea of what to expect.

Our Approach: Step by Step

1. Assessment

Our process begins by working to gain an understanding who you are as a person, what your life is like as a whole. As you walk us through your world, we create a portfolio of your assets, relationships, goals, dreams, wealth, heath, spirituality, community, social connections, and more. Your life is holistic community of interconnected people and feelings, this network will help us as we develop a plan together.

2. The Plan

Once we determine your strengths and ideas, we work together to develop a success plan with realistic, achievable goals that are both measurable and effective. Our staff also provides personalized resources and support to ensure follow-through. This includes budget, meal-planning, daily organizer, personal calendar, exercise plans, and more. 

3. Support

We work consistently to encourage healthy habits in every aspect of your life. As you work towards your goals, we support you through every physical and emotional change. Throughout the process, every step of the plan, we provide advice and feedback. We help adapt your plan to the unexpected and advocate for you into your new future. 

4. Independence

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate independent self-managing your own success. Our plan is designed to evolve into natural habits that get you feeling better, looking better, and living better. This means improved financial habits, consistent organization, more self-awareness, and stronger connections with others.

We helped you imagine your future, you made it a reality!

Career Development & Evaluation 

A person's career development is something that moves and changes over a lifetime. As our personalities mature, many of us finding ourselves wanting to readjust. Whether you're a recent college grad or an experienced professional looking for change, A Creative Life Solution evaluates your career path and dreams to make a plan just for you! Here's a look at our approach:

  1. Evaluate your goals, plans, and ideas to better understand your career and education circumstances and options. 

  2. Identify important factors, such as interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances.

  3. Locate resources, such as educational references and sources for career information, to help decision-making.

  4. Build personal reserves. This includes working to enhance and sustain the self-confidence needed for important decisions while teaching you to advocate for yourself.

  5. Develop a realistic plan with achievable goals. We help create a system around your lifestyle to help guarantee success, including calendars, day planners, helpful apps, etc. 

  6. Resume updating, job website work, application assistance, etc.