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Web Design Services & Content Management

The staff at A Creative Life Solution has over 5 years of experience providing web design services and content management. We have helped numerous individuals and small businesses develop a dynamic web presence through quality content and effective social media presence. Our staff is made up of a number of talented content writers, editors, and designers skilled at creating the perfect website for you!


Whether you already have a website or plan to start from scratch, our staff can guide you along the way! We are trained to design a website that best represents you and your company. Our staff understands the importance of audience development and customer support, we use unique design concepts and captivating content to bring customers back again and again. We not only provide intuitive and challenging content, we implement an account management strategy that keeps your company active into the future.

  • Web design (Wordpress, Wix, etc.)

  • Content writing, editing, and management 

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social media strategy

  • Marketing and promotion

  • B2B/B2C communication

  • Advertising

  • Resume building

  • Web Analytics

  • Account and project management 

Our Expertise

A Creative Life Solution begins by working alongside our clients to determine creative direction and strategy for overall web design. We evaluate your background to help devise an approach hand-tailored for you. We perform extensive research and analysis to determine content strategy, site-specific keywords, and competitor advantages; this includes finding any search results, reviews, former accounts, etc. We then use this information to organize your accounts and begin the structure of your website's design. 


Our primary goal is to help establish a strong presence for your website. Our staff works closely with our clients to understand their audience, ensuring content accessibility to your consumer base. We understand the importance of quality web design, we utilize a precise keyword strategy that ensures search engines and customers find your site with ease.  Our methods include providing keyword-focused content, SEO-friendly media, reliable analytics, and conscientious editing to ensure viewer usability. 

Basic Design Plan 

A Creative Life Solution specializes in building user-friendly websites for small businesses, individual portfolios, and personal blogs. We work closely with individuals looking for support and creative direction, creating simple easy-to-use websites that require minimal maintenance. We ensure our clients understand every aspect by communicating consistently and providing supportive resources; this includes a master file of all documents, media, and essential information. We provide detailed how-to instructions to ensure clients can post, update, and maintain their website independently in the future. Here is an example of a basic design plan:

  • Main navigation (Homepage, About Us, etc.) 

  • Content architecture (company information, photos, business literature, mission statement, articles, blogs, etc.)

  • Social media set-up

  • Customer contact options

  • Relevant reference materials 

  • Product inventory, including product descriptions and price points across marketplaces

  • Basic SEO improvement, including analytics, tags, and keyword improvement techniques.

Our Web Design Clients

Seniors and Health
Online resource for seniors
Advanced Survival
Educational survival blog
Hummingbird Art and Design
Antique and vintage sales
Whitney Wilcher Real Estate
Website for a local real estate agent
Bee The Change Over Time
Bee The Change Over Time
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  • One of the Top Real Estate Agents in the DFW area

  • A Source for Imported and Handcrafted Antiques

  • A Blog to Inform, Encourage Preparedness and Survival

  • A Practical Guide for Seniors and Caregivers

  • A Lifestyle Blog  on Providing Health, Fitness, & Mindfulness

A Creative Life Solution boasts of their diverse client background! We are proud to showcase a variety of websites that illustrate our passion and creativity. These websites exemplify our web designs, each was created independently using our client's input and creativity every step of the way. We contributed to overall web design, site structure, and media design. The content creation in each site utilizes keyword strategy and has been optimized for search engines as well. Social media accounts were setup, linked, and planned for maintenance. Resources, instructions, and master files were given in clients alongside a long-term marketing and maintenance plan for complete independence. Explore their sites to see more of our created content, explore our partner sites, and learn more about these fantastic companies.

Our Content Clients

That Nerd Show
The best nerd blog on air asking all the important questions about movies, books, games, and comic books
Nulo: Healthier Together
Delicious grain-free, protein-packed pet food recipes
Adventure Survival Equipment
Quality military-grade survival gear
Research Gate
Academic articles for research publications
Bee The Change Over Time
Bee The Change Over Time
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  • Gaming, Movies,  and Pop Culture Blogging

  • Social Media Manager for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

  • SEO and Analytics

  • Associate Producer and Co-host for "Inside the Gaming Lounge"

  • Pet health and safety blogging 

  • News and information articles

  • Interviews for notable pet-owner relationships, ex. Instagram famous pets.

  • Company-wide content including 

  • Product descriptions

  • Article editing

  • Comparison and consolidation of product descriptions and prices across marketplaces 

  • Academic writing and research for a peer-reviewed professional journals

  • Grant writing and IRB applications

  • Project management

  • Research protocol, data collection

  • Assessment administration

  • Conference presenations

  • Website-wide contact

  • Blog editing

  • Back-linking

  • SEO research and writing instruction

  • Photo editing

  • Marketing content 

  • Cross-platform integration